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this week’s mindless drivel..

life’s too short for structure. so here goes:

1. Read Between The Lines. love the way this article’s been written. It’s the NYT story about a man who sues a photo studio yeeeeears after his wedding (and divorce) for $48,000 to re-create the wedding. yes, go read it here.

2. Strings Rock! Age is catching up on me. Am actually listening more to strings when i can. Apart from flying off to the Esplanade for Melvyn Tan’s performance with our SSO, i chanced upon the link to The Piano Guys on Youtube posted by one friend Karen. i particularly like this one of Love Story meets Viva La Vida.

3. Against Pain And Slavery. Two days on and i was still bothered. At a workshop for volunteers, one midde-aged lady (hallo, at least 20 yrs my senior), said that seeing her charges’ happy faces at an outing really brought joy to her. yes, joy when they got to touch the hamsters and lifted the mice up by their tails… i grimaced. i don’t think the mice really liked that and it bothered me – teach children RESPONSIBILITY, KINDNESS and LOVE, please!

4. “Do It Again”. One client recounted her company’s latest outing with kids from the Cancer Society (read: kids with cancer) and they did some water colour activity. Some of her colleagues were focused on getting GOOD-LOOKING pictures from their charges. To the extent, one secretary said (after her charges completed their painting): “THROW AWAY! DO IT AGAIN.” i swear this totally makes the kids feel good… not!

5. Peenk Eeees Eeeet. At the nail salon today, the young manicurist handed me a lovely light pink nail polish. at first, it didn’t appeal but once i put it on my skin, it was exactly what i was looking for. (yep, it’s practically naked). #birthdaysuitpeenk!

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4 responses to “this week’s mindless drivel..

  1. Felicia ⋅

    Wow. That law suit article is just NUTS!!!!

    And… points 3 & 4 just make me sad.

  2. M ⋅

    Iiiiii want to get my bails donnnneeee

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